Company Info

CASHTel is a global provider of IT and telecommunication equipment and services.
For the secondary market, we supply high quality and reliable fully tested and guaranteed equipment at the lowest price backed by the best guarantee and industry standard warranty. Choose from available products from our inventory or let us source for you from our premier network partners.
For new hardware, we supply branded and OEM products and equipment serving the IT & Telecom industry fulfilling customer requirements in transmission, networking, switching, microwave, power and fiber optic fields.
CASHTel provides 24x7 support with offices in USA, China and Hong Kong.

Who We Serve?

CashTel is currently supplying telecom equipments in more than 80 countries across the globe. Our Supply range extends to all Fixed & Wireless Networks Operators, Telecommunication Companies, Cellular Companies and Information Technology companies.

Vendor's List

CASHTel is providing USED & NEW Telecom equipments under following Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) List
Ericsson, Siemens , Huawei, Motorola , Nokia , Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel , Cisco, and many more.

CashTel | Telecom supply with excellence